What's New in Monarch 14 | 4 - Enhancements to Prep, Combine and Export in Data Prep Studio


Monarch 14’s interface enhancements are geared towards improved usability and efficiency.


- The Add More Stuff button is now accessible throughout the application, allowing you to add more data easily no matter what stage of preparation you are in.

- When capturing multi-line data, such as Address fields, rows are automatically expanded to display the entire text block.

- Drag and drop a column or even multiple columns when organizing the column order.

- Apply a Ditto to Numeric and Date columns – not just to Text.

- The Prep menu now has an option for Custom Change. The saved list may be dragged to another column to be prepped – applying the same operations performed earlier.

- When Merging columns, you may now opt to remove the original column.

- Default names given to Joins, Appends and Transformations are shorter now, occupying less screen space.

- Easily switch between Remove or Show Duplicates.

- New exports available for Tableau Server and Monarch Swarm. Export to Swarm to share data with others in the organization, or even for use as an archive.