How to Quickly Convert a PDF to Excel


This video shows us how Datawatch Monarch easily extracts data from a report and exports the captured information to Excel.

To start, simply drag in a file such as this Invoice Report into Monarch.

Next, click on Auto Define to direct Monarch to scan and interpret the document and produce the table below.

We’re happy with the extracted data, so we can now Open this in Data Prep Studio, then click on Load Selected Tables, and then on Export Data and choose Excel.

And with that, we have just taken data out of a PDF and exported it to Excel.


Sometimes reports may have a little bit more complexity, and we may have to do a few more steps to get our report data.

For instance, with this SAP report, clicking on Auto Define doesn’t pick up all the Detail fields.

We can Clear that and opt instead to select one of the Detail lines, then add a few more fields to extract.

We can then again Open this data set in Data Prep Studio and Export to Excel as we did earlier.

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