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    Monarch Pro 15 stopped connecting to SQL server via ODBC connector

    vanessalowther _

      Ran process where data is pulled from connection via ODBC to SQL server.

      Ran 4 weeks ago with no issues.

      Password has not been changed in this time, and still works when connection is tested - see screenshot

      Has something changed in regard to what I can undertake (i.e. license controlled?)

      Please can I have an urgent response, this is impacting critical processes.



      Get this message-  see screenshot

      Enter password when prompted - see screenshot

      ODBC connection is OK - see screenshot


        • Re: Monarch Pro 15 stopped connecting to SQL server via ODBC connector
          Steve Caiels

          Hi Vanessa,


          For the most timely response, I recommend contacting support via https://www.datawatch.com/support/ or support@datawatch.com


          The middle screenshot is suggesting a mismatch between 32 and 64 bit architectures.


          Assuming default locations are used, if Monarch in in the 'Program files' folder, it will be 64 bit.  If it is 'Program Files (x86)' it will be 32 bit.  The driver in use is 64 bit (according to the lower screen shot), and must match the bit level of Monarch


          This could have changed over the last 4 weeks for many reasons, including

          A reinstall of Monarch at a different bit level

          A reinstall of the Postgress driver at a different bit level

          A new or reinstall of any application that may have also (silently) changed the bit level of the driver