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    v14 database error: the OleDbType property is uninitialized

    Chung Lee

      I am using v14 and test database connection within Project setup.  However when the job is run I go the following error:


      Failed: Parameter[0]: the OleDbType property is uninitialized: OleDbType.Empty.Datawatch.Common.Exceptions.DatawatchSdkException: Export failed at Datawatch.Export.DatawatchSdk.ProjectExporter.ProjectExport(ExportProjectModel exportModel) at Datawatch.Services.DataPump.Processing.ProjectProcessor.ProcessProject(PumpProjectFile pumpProjectFile, PumpJob job) at Datawatch.Services.DataPump.Processing.JobProcessor.ProcessExport(PumpJobExtended job, PumpProjectFile pumpProjectFile, PumpManifestSerialized manifestSerialized) at Datawatch.Services.DataPump.Processing.JobProcessor.ProcessJob(PumpJobExtended job, PumpManifestSerialized manifestSerialized)


      Installed driver for SQL 2008 R2, tried to use Configuration Definition.  All connection test successful. However when the job is run, I got the error

      Please help!!