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    install Monarch 10.5 Pro network error

    RalphB _

      We are having problems installing a network version of Monarch 10.5 Pro on a Windows 10 laptop.

      We are successful but when he tries to run Monarch he gets an error message the license is in use.

      I have verified that no one else is using his ID and his User ID is unique. We have successfully installed Monarch 10.5 pro on 5 other Windows 10 machines.  So why is he having problems?

      Corp will not allow us to upgrade to newer Versions.


      Any ideas?



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          Steve Caiels

          Hi Ralph,


          I hope you are well. It's been a while since I installed Version 10.5, but if my memory serves me correctly, we were still using the Network Started Packs with (typically) 4 user and 8 user add on packs.  Is that correct?


          It is really designed for use where the workstation is connected back to a central server.  If you install it on a laptop, you will be wasting the other users unless you open up a file share on that laptop for the other users to connect back to.  The license does not permit you to install the network component on more than one "server/workstation".


          However, if this is a limited deployment and you only need one user and you just happen to have a network version, you can proceed as follows:


          Step 1:       Run setup from the installation media and install the application to the "administration" location.  For this scenario, something like C:\MonarchNetwork would be appropriate.  In a normal network installation, it would be a location that all users could see.  For example, \\MyCentralServer\MonarchNetwork.

          After Step 1 is complete, you should have:

               A setup folder located in ……..\MonarchNetwork\Setup

               Links for License administration software, but no Monarch Software.

          Step 2:     Run setup *from the shared network location* ……..\MonarchNetwork\Setup


          You should now be able to administer users and run Monarch.

          I hope that resolves it and I haven't missed any steps. It's been a while!

          Of course, I'd heartily recommend Version 15 with License Server for a whole load of reasons!



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              RalphB _




              We  have Monarch correctly installed on the server and installed on 7 workstations which run without problems. We are running Windows 10 on all laptops.


              We are unable to install it on one laptop as described below.  We have uninstalled  and re-installed it multiple times using Windows without success.


              Could that laptop have a setting that is preventing this installation?