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    Unable to paste into User Edit Field v14

    Ellie H

      Hi All,


      Hoping someone can help shed some light on no longer being able to copy data from the Table window in Monarch back into the Table window within Monarch.


      Previously in v10 we were able to within the Table window copy a columns data in full and paste that columns data into the user edit field we had created within the Table window.  In v14 this no longer seems possible and now we have to copy each individual cell and paste that information into the user edit fields cell within the design window. We have re-engineered a number of processes based on this facility being available, now its no longer available its causing lots of additional work which will lead to errors as we have 100's of lines of information, I am hoping there is a way around this and I am just missing something as v14 is still new to us.


      Hope my explanation makes and hoping someone can help.


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          Chris Porthouse

          I am not sure about that behavior you describe but are you copying the same column every time into the user edit fields?  If so, I would suggest creating a formula/calculated field that takes your column to copy as its input.

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            Mo Abdolrahim

            HI Ellie,

            I will pass your comment to the Product manager.



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                Ellie H

                Hi Mo,


                Thanks for responding.


                We do copy the same column every time, lets say by copying over the column we end up with 100 cells containing information, 5 cells will be blank as an example and some cells will hold incorrect data so by pasting that information into the User Edit field we have the majority of the information we need but can then start to work on those cells that need further investigation, once investigated we add the missing information into the blank cells within the User Edit field, this then allow the summaries we have created to start extracting the information they need ready for the final export into excel.


                Any tips on how we can still do this would be greatly appreciated as it was just a quick copy column and paste so 2 seconds max, now each cell needs to be worked on individually all requiring around 4-5 keystrokes each.




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                Steve Caiels

                Hi Ellie,


                While it wouldn't be as convenient as the copy and paste you were able to do in V10.5, you should get close with a lookup.  Most of these steps only have to be done once and are saved in the model.


                Step 1.

                Create a calculated field called [RecNoID] using the formula ‘str(Recno(),5,0,"0") + "^" +[OriginalField]’.

                Where original field is the column you would have copied.

                Choose a character like ^ that you won’t get in your data.


                Step 2

                Create a lookup calculated field.  Use the [RecNoID] as the input and click the ‘Import Filtered Values’ option


                Step 3

                Edit the lookup by typing the corrections that you would have entered in to the Runtime field and leave the fields that are OK blank.


                Step 4

                Make sure the option on the right to use value from input when no match is found is selected and click the ‘remove rows with empty output vales’ button at the bottom of the screen and Accept the changes


                Step 5

                Create another calculate field to split your result out.


                Use the same character, ^ for example, that you used in step 1


                Next time you want to do it, just edit the PseudoRT Lookup field, remove all the rows, Import them again and make your edits.


                I hope that helps a little – but not as easy as 10.5, I know! I used - instead of ^ in the screen shot below: