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    Summary Output Corrupts Excel File

    Philip Wall



      I am using Monarch 11.9 and one of the models I am using outputs 3 different summaries.

      However when it outputs 1 of the summaries corrupts the formatting for the entire excel file. The model generates 11 tabs with 3 summary tabs.

      The error output from Excel is

      Removed Part: /xl/styles.xml part.  (Styles)

      Repaired Records: Cell information from /xl/worksheets/sheet.xml part

      Repaired Records: Column information from /xl/worksheets/sheet.xml part

      Repaired Records: Cell information from /xl/worksheets/sheet2.xml part

      Repaired Records: Column information from /xl/worksheets/sheet2.xml part


      It appears that what it is broke is the cell headers have no color and all the date cells are set to generic formatting instead of date. It affects all tabs.

      I have dumped and recreated the summary and it still does it. as soon as I put in 3 summaries.

      Any ideas on what is causing it?

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          Mo Abdolrahim

          Hi Phillip,

          You are using an older version of the Monarch desktop.  I suggest you upgrade Monarch v11 to the latest version of the Monarch desktop, which is v15.1.



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              Philip Wall

              That is not an option in this corporate environment.

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                  Grant Perkins

                  Out of interest Philip, which version of Excel is in use?

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                      Philip Wall

                      We are using Excel 2010.

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                          Grant Perkins



                          From memory I seem to recall that Excel versions somewhere around Excel V10 had some issues - even with other Office products  - on the "integration" front.


                          Am I right in thinking that you are exporting into and existing workbook in every case?


                          If you run a quick test exporting each output to its own workbook using the same Excel version do they all work OK?


                          Are the export processes that work and the ones that don't work all electing to use the same version of Excel for the output simulation?


                          The errors you listed would appear to relate to the style sheets used for formatting the Excel worksheets BUT as I am in no way an Excel expert nor usefully familiar with style sheets that's about as far as my analysis goes. Sometimes the reported problem is simply a symptom of a prior process failure, not the cause of the problem.


                          There are likely several core components that need to be aligned for compatibility of working and I suspect that, other than the basic "do things work when isolated from the master sheet" tests, trying to remember what was going on back then or working out an appropriate search to uncover useful information on the net might not be a 5 minute task. However it is likely that at some point the information being passed to the style sheet and the output table format program is incompatible thus causing the corruption.


                          Sadly my goto resource on matters of Monarch and Excel from those times is no longer with us.






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                              Philip Wall

                              I'm sure there is some sort of incompatibility between Excel and Monarch or just some behavior Monarch exhibits in this particular situation because I can export every other filter 1 at a time without issue and this particular model has 12 filters plus 3 summary filters.

                              If I delete and recreate the offending filter the problem continues. If I delete and recreate 1 of the other summaries the problem one will start working and the new one will cause the issue which leads me to a Monarch problem. However I don't really need the third summary it was just in there to compare what we was doing to what we are doing.



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