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    Capturing a Percentage with symbol


      Hi All,

      I am having an issue with trapping numbers that are in percentage format in my report but Monarch Classic does not recognize the symbol after the number to covert it properly to a percentage.

      The report looks like this:

      Terminal    Address     In Service  Out of Service  Fault 1  Fault 2 .....

      1                 address       95%             5%                 0%        5%     .....


      I tried to capture the percent symbol thinking Monarch would realize it is a percent but it doesn't. The result for In service ends up being 95 under general format and if I switch to percent it is 9500% but I need the table to show just like the report does, 95% (with the percent symbol), and there are about 10 columns so I don't want to create a calculated field for it to show properly.

      Am I missing something or can the program not pick that up properly? I hope I missed a setting.


      I am using v14.3

      Thanks for your input,


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          Mo Abdolrahim

          Hi Patrick,

          Monarch assumes that values with the percent symbol are numeric values, therefore, it converts them to numeric field, which will not show the percent symbol.  If you want the percent symbol to be displayed in the table view, then change the field type to character.  If you need to do any calculation you can use the Val() function, which converts a character field to numeric field..