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    Extract Pdf Data to Database

    Syed Ibrahim

      Hi Team,


      Could some one please help my problem, i created a process in Monarch Automator to extract data from PDF and export to Database, some of the numeric column values of PDF are exported to Database as scientific notation and In database column format is in VarChar(255). My question is how to export the exact pdf data to Database ?



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          Mo Abdolrahim

          Hi Syed,

          What do you mean by exact PDF data?  If scientific notation numbers are stored as character in Monarch, you can use the Val() function and convert them to numbers and yoy specify the number of decimals (from 1 to 9 decimals.)  optionally hide the scientific notation field.

          When you export Monarch numeric data type to a SQL table, the Automator exports them as float.  If you need a different data type such as the Decimal, you need to create the table schema.  In the Automator export wizard, map model fields to the SQL table fields (or if field names in the SQL table are the same field names in Monarch model, than you can export all with mapping).