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    Table Design Mode - sort columns

    Patti Lucas

      I am filling in at my old employer where I had many years experience with Monarch and am currently using V12.  I am in a Project with dozens of fields of all types and I'm trying to familiarize myself with the fields, where they come from, how they are calculated, etc.  I am sure that in the past I was able to go into Table Design Mode and sort by any column by clicking on the column heading.  I can't do that now and the sort seems permanently stuck on the Order column.  I want to sort on the Source column where I can get familiar again with the various types (we have Database fields, Calculated fields (formula based, lookup, etc), External Lookups and more.  Can someone help?  It's driving me crazy.



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          Steve Caiels

          Hi Patti,


          I've just taken a look at 12.0 and 12.4 and I'm afraid I agree with your findings.  It is not possible to sort the field list by clicking on column headings in those versions.


          I know it doesn't help you, but for the benefit of other readers, I'm pleased to say that the feature is back in the latest version 14.


          The only reliable way I can see of doing this in V12 is to copy the rows, one at a time, by clicking on the blank cell to the left of the row in the field list and pasting it in to Notepad.  This will eventually create a tab delimited file that you can open back up as a database in Monarch.


          If you are using the old .xmod format, then you could potentially open a copy of that file in Monarch and create a model to extract the required data.  You will need to rename the copied xmod file to a .txt file so that Monarch will open it as a report instead of a model.