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    How do I use the workspace created in the data prep studio to add more reports?

    Anu Moorthy

      I have been using the Monarch 9 version.  Now I have got it upgraded to 14.  I have created a workspace using the data prep studio. My data source is an excel file.  I have created 48 change list to wrangle the data to suit my needs.  Now I am not able to figure out how to use this workspace to add more reports of the same type.

      Basically, if it was the older version, I would have created a model using a sample report and then reuse that model to extract similar data from various other reports.  But in the Data prep studio I don't know how to reuse this model to harvest same type of output from similar excel files.

      It may be a very basic question but I need some guidance on this please.



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          Mo Abdolrahim

          Hi Anu,

          If your report files are Excel, or delimited, and they all have the same structure, then open one Excel file, select a sheet, or open one delimited file.

          In the preview screen, select table(s) and click on the Load selected table button.  In the prep data screen you can modify data, such as splitting, adding a calculated field, adding filter, etc.  Then click on the Add More stuff button and add additional Excel or delimited files to the data prep.  Select the first table that you originally used in the data prep.  On the right side, the change list, drag this button () and drop it to the other tables.  The Data Prep applies all changes you made to the first table and applies those changes to the  second table.


          If your report files are text or PDF, first open one file in the Data Prep studio.  Capture data in the report discovery page, the open it in the prep data. In the prep data select the table, click on the pick list, select Source Options, select Add File, and add additional files of the same structure to the prep data.

          In the example below 3 PDF files are added, and the classJan object will display data for all 3 PDF files.

          If you are familiar with the Monarch classic, the classJan table is similar to the table view, and each report under that table is similar to the report view.