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    Just Upgraded to V15

    David Rubin

      So I just updated my Monarch Complete from V14.3 to V15, and while I do appreciate the more trap interactive tools in the newest edition, the one feature from prior DPS versions I miss is the ability to start identifying values to trap and then complete the model in classic.  The advantage to this approach was to automatically differentiate between the different trap templates, detail, append, etc., and allow the ability to fine tune what was identified in a DPS model within the classic portion of Monarch for potential future automation of the same report types.  However, I cannot see how I can migrate the model that is automatically created in a work space into the classic version now.  Any ideas?

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          Chris Porthouse

          v15 of Data Prep introduced "Report Design" which is change from v14.3 and before which contained "Report Discovery".  Report Design should have most (if not all) of the same features that Monarch Classic's report design contained (Detail, Append, Footer, Page Header, Start/Stop Regions, Exclusion templates).  Any other modeling would be handled by DPS once you load the table that report design created (Calculated fields, lookup tables, joins, etc.).   Once you have loaded the report in report design, you should not need to export that into Monarch Classic.


          Monarch Server Automator allows for automation of DPS workspaces via visual processes.