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    Error: Summary internal build error:

    Raymond Glass

      I receive the following error in Monarch 13 when I include a date in a summary as a calendar month time interval and use CountSubtPct(*) as my measurement.  The summary is meant to shown a trend of percentages by month, which is easy enough to do in excel but proving to be very different in DataWatch.


      Error: Summary internal build error: Failed to convert parameter value from Int32 to a DateTime


      Does anyone have any insight as to how I can get around this?


      Here is the summary I am trying to achieve:







      By the way, this summary works fine if I create a character field called Month that is derived from the original date value, however, it does not order the months correctly because they are recognized as text.  All input is appreciated - thanks.

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          Mo Abdolrahim

          Create a numeric lookup field, use the month character as input and assign a numeric value to each month as output.  Add both the character month and numeric month fields to the summary, hide the numeric month field, and sort it in descending order, then the character month field values will be in correct order.