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    Email using address in column

    Frank Walka

      Hello, I'm looking for some help.


      In the past I've used the burst function to email by key and then assigned an email address to each key and it worked fine....

      This time I'm trying something different.


      The source data contains the email address of the person that created the data, so the Monarch model captures this and there is an email column where the values are the same for every row. In Automator I'm I have the file processing just fine however I want to email the output based on the value in the email column and I cannot seem to get it working.  I tried inserting the token "&[firstvalue.Email]" (minus the quotes) into the "To:" field for the email but it doesn't seem to allow macros.


      The only solution I've found is to burst by key indicating if key is equal to frankw@mail.com then email address is fwalka@mail.com but they requires me to define all the possible email addresses that could end up as keys. I was hoping to be more dynamic so that no matter what email address is in the data the process will email that address.


      So it works for my purpose since there are likely only 5-6 possible email addresses that could be in the data; however this is not scalable, and I do not want to be updating these definitions every time a new person hits the list.


      Just wondering if I am missing something here or should an enhancement request be applied for this type of functionality. If a macro for first row value could be inserted in the email process that would do the trick.