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    concatenate function does not work with a % field

    vanessalowther _

      Have tried to create a text field that is formed of both fields and added text. One of the fields I need to include is a % number field. Which does not work as it is wrong field format


      Have tried to convert this field to a text field using Chr() funtion, but the result is a blank field.


      How do I convert a % number to text so that it can be included in a concatenate function?

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          Steve Caiels

          Hi Vanessa,


          The STR() function will convert a numeric field to character.  By default, I believe it creates a 10 character long, right justified field.  There are a few options such as length, decimals and padding character to override these, but the easiest option is usually :




          Depending on how your decimal is formatted, you might need to multiply by 100 and use the optional characters and use something like :




          CHR returns the ASCII character for a given number.  CHR(65), for example, returns the character 'A'.