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    Function for Input file size

    Tiffany Seeland

      I'd like to have the file size available in my summary for each input source.  Hoping someone can tell me I've missed how to do it or have a cheaty way to do it?



      Version 14

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          Mo Abdolrahim


          Unfortunately Monarch does not provide a function that will print a report file size.

          I suggest you use the DOS dir command and redirect file names and sizes to a file (e.g. Dir C:\temp\* > file.txt).  Then use Monarch desktop and bring file.txt as an input, create two columns, filename, and file size.  Export the table to another file.  Then open your original report, use the file() function to capture file names.  Bring the exported file that contains filename and file size as an external lookup, link file names, and merge file size.