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    Automator Visual Process - workspace file saved in DPS containing original input filename

    Henry Figueroa

      I am having a dilemma when I set up a visual process in the Datawatch Automator 14.3, whereby, a workspace file that I saved in the Data Prep Studio, carries over the input file name that I used for data prepping and can no longer set the workspace settings in the Visual Process to accept another file with a different input filename.


      Example of the steps taken:


      1) I go to Data Prep Studio and open an Excel input file with relevant data. The file name on the original input file is:  'ABC-02-10-2018.xlsx'

      2) I go to the menu to select Save As Workspace and save the file appropriately as filename 'XYZ.dpwx'

      3) I go to Datawatch Automator (server edition) and select the Visual Process section to lay out the steps for data parsing.

          a) I start with the input file icon and select the path where the input file resides, however, the filename is different than the one I used in Data Prep Studio, although it has the same data and layout information as the original file, just renamed the file for testing.

          b) I add the workspace icon in the canvas to choose the workspace file I saved in Data Prep Studio, such as:  'XYZ.dpwx'

          c) I then add the DataPrep Export icon to configure the export data.

      4) When I run the Automator manually, I get errors that DataPrep could not run and so I check the log, which says that the input file is not found. I am guessing that it is looking for the original filename as used in Data Prep Studio.


      Questions that I need answered:

      1) There is an issue for me in that, the input file will change each day in Automator (server)  - the filenames will be different each time as they contain dates in the filename. How do I configure the Workspace settings in Visual Process to accept different input files each time? Currently, the workspace file saves the input filename I worked on in Data Prep Studio.

      2) I also noticed that when I run the input file successfully in Data Prep Studio, it relies on the Change List configuration, but I do not see where I set up the Change List file in the Visual Process canvas in order to parse the data properly. Am I missing a step here? Please advise.


      I worked on this for a full week with many variations and cannot come to a successful conclusion.


      Thank you,