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    imbedded carriage returns?

    brad onuch

      I have a report that I have modeled and one of the fields is what looks like [] mark from the end of the record. I am assuming that is a carriage return as the field can change width.


      how do I remove that from my exports using the template?


      cheers brad.

        • Re: imbedded carriage returns?
          Grant Perkins

          Hi Brad,


          If you are OK with the input side of things and only the output is a concern on approach might be to use a calculated field (Formula Field in recent terminology) to strip out the unwanted characters/source and then report the new field as the output.


          However you may also have some input and export Options to consider.


          Sorry for the rather generic answer but specifics might somewhat depend on the Monarch version you are working with and whether Classic or DPS.


          Pre-preparation of the file may also be an option but could have other effects to consider depending on the approach you are taking for the modelling and data ingestion.