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    Automator notification for process not run

    Janet Grimsley

      Is there a way to have Automator notify me when a process has not run by a certain time of day?  The process is currently a monitored process.


      Janet Grimsley

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          Thomas Stratton

          I'd like to see this also... I don't believe there is currently a built in feature when using monitored process.

          Closest you could get with built in would be to change process to run at a scheduled time... then if there is a problem when it runs (e.g. file not present) you could easily get an alert.


          I prefer the monitored process myself also because I am working with vendors that don't always deliver the input files on time, I want the process to go ahead and kick in whenever the file does arrive instead of making me have to manually kick it off, but I have the same issue with monitoring to alert when processing doesn't occur.

          My current thinking is to write a service to do this using the Automator API.


          If anyone else has a better idea please share!