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    External Lookup from MS Excel

    Radu Nita

      Hello everyone,


      This is a post meant to help people who need to perform an External Lookup in Monarch from an Excel File which has data listed as Numbers with Decimals. I am using Monarch v14.1

      Monarch will load the correct number format with decimals only when the Excel file is already opened before the External Lookup is being created. Otherwise the decimal separator is not taken into account.


      So for example if you expect the value 120,15 to be loaded from an external excel file into your already opened excel file in Monarch as a Database, and the external source is not opened already, it will show as 12015 and changing the Type, Decimals or Format in Tabel Design won`t help.


      This looks like a workaround, but if anyone knows if a specific setting should be used, please let me know. Otherwise I hope it helps or will help.


      Thank you,