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    how to use Monarch extract data

    Jasmine xu

      Does anyone know our problem when using Monarch Pro. we were extracting data on a report file which was "PRN" format. We defined templates of "Page header + detail + Apend" on report view to let Monarch know what data we want. After that we were going to "data view" to export the JE data we selected. but it poped out an error message of "an unexpected error occured while building the data view". Does anyone know what step wrong or missing?

      the following screenshot is our report. Thanks!

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          Schorschi _

          This is a shot in the dark, but try reinstalling MS Access. I recently had a problem with being unable to see the data in Data View as well. Also, I couldn't close Monarch, instead an error message kept popping up whenever I tried. I found a posting that suggested reinstalling Access, and after I did, Monarch behaved normally again. The error message was different than yours though, so it may not work.

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            Steve Caiels

            Hi Jasmine,


            Did reinstalling the Access engine (or localdb depending on your Monarch version) fix the issue?


            It could also be the CKJ characters causing an issue.  If you are still having problems, please can you tell me what version of Monarch you are using an dif it will be possible to get a sample report?