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    Monarch to get Sharepoint data

    Dan Jakobsen



      I am new to Monarch and have been asked to figure out if Moarch can be used as a tool to fetch selected data from Sharepoint.


      I found an earlier post from 2014, but it seems to me like a difficult way by using access databse and so on


      I am looking for an easy way to get data from Sharepoint and store data into our BI database.


      Any ideas?


      Best Regards


        • Re: Monarch to get Sharepoint data
          Grant Perkins



          What sort of data do you want to get from Sharepoint?


          I have reports, pdfs, excel workbooks, etc in a Sharepoint repository and it acts just like a disk for anything I have authority to read. However, successful access may depend on how the Sharepoint accessibility options are set up.


          Accessing the Sharepoint Database managing the contents of the repository may be a different matter.