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    Adding 1 month to a date field

    Melissa Falardeau



      I have a date field that I am trying to create a formula that will add 1 month to the date.  The date is in the following format: mm/dd/yyyy.  I am struggling with creating a formula that adds a month to the date, but also takes into consideration a December date.  if the date reads 12/15/2017 I need it to read 01/15/2018.


      The other option I have (which may actually be best)  is to have a formula that give me the 1st of the following month every time.  for instance.  If todays date is 11/22/2017, I would need it to read 12/01/2017.  But it would still need to take a December date and also advance the year.  so a date of 12/15/2017 would need to be 01/01/2018.


      Has anyone come up with a way this can be accomplished?


      Thank you

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          Grant Perkins

          Hi Melissa,


          You have not mentioned which version of Monarch you are using but do you have the DateAdjust() function available?




          would give you today's day, adding 0 years and 1 month.


          Also FirstDay() might be useful?


          Or Lastday()


          lastday(today(),"month") will give you the last day of the current month.




          will give you the first day of the next month.


          Change today() to your date field and you should have all the options to play with. (Assuming you are not running an very old version of Monarch.)