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    V7 exports to Excel have stopped working

    Gary Morris



      this morning our v7 exports all started failing. Has anyone else had any problems with v7 today or recently?

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          Grant Perkins



          I assume you are referring to Monarch V7 and not Windows V7?


          V7 Monarch will not have changed in over a decade.


          However your MS Windows and Office software probably has. Or maybe a network connection or two (given that you are exporting and assuming the target output file is likely to go to a server somewhere.


          Are these windows scripts based processes, coded procedures or are you using a past incarnation of automation - Data Pump for example?


          I would check with IT to see whether anything has been changed or "upgraded" over the weekend. That seems like a logical place to start.





          ETA:  Do the exports do anything based on dates?


          If something was originally set up for a specific data range, for example, on the basis that "X years will be long enough, things will have changed by then anyway" it is just possible that settings may need to be reviewed if the data has passed.


          Likewise if the process is based on the production of a file in a prior process and that process has not completed for some reason (more records, takes longer, bigger file, etc.) an automated process could also fail.


          Do you have log files you could assess?

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              Gary Morris

              Hi Grant,


              Yes I meant Monarch v7. It appears that it is no longer possible to export to Excel. I’m working from home at the moment so I don’t have the full details about the issue.

              My guess is that a Windows update or something similar has caused the issue. We have converted most of our models to v13 but still have a number of v7 and v11 models.






              Gary Morris | Senior Assistant Manager – Financial Projects

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                  Grant Perkins

                  Hi Gary,


                  As I recall there were some challenges along the line with Office products and especially if changing from 32bit to 64bit versions or running 32bit versions of older Office out to systems support 64 bit of newer office.


                  There have also been some small problems with .NET compatibility and similar and potentially some other matters related to changes in the underlying Access/Jet database engines.


                  Luckily for me I hardly needed any involvement with the issues at the time but  that means I am no expert on resolving them either.


                  You may well find some useful references in the Community but bear in mind that dates of posts are not too meaningful before 2014 (when the old posts were moved into the new forum.) so search results can seem a bit strange.


                  I think first find out if a Windows or Office update might be somewhere in the frame.