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    RAS 3.7

    Jim McDowell

      Hello All,


      I am using an older version of RAS 3.7 PRO paired with Monarch.


      The reports i need are all in RAS and I can see/find files matching the report numbers with a .cmp file extension, out on the RAS server.


      If I open one of the reports in RAS, the report is temporarily created in the VIEW folder as a .txt and I am able to manipulate with VBA and Monarch library.  As long as the report is still being viewed in RAS.  Once I close the report in RAS the .txt file goes away.


      Is there any way that I can mass migrate all of the reports I need into the view folder as a .txt or are there VBA objects that allow me to manipulate the .cmp files?


      No, updating to a newer version of RAS is not in my immediate future.


      I appreciate any help offered.

        • Re: RAS 3.7
          Steve Caiels

          Hi Jim,


          I suspect a CMP file is a compressed files. Assuming you are talking about Remote Access Server CMP files, they can contain user account information, so I suspect it is locked down from 'soft' inspection.


          I couldn't find any reference to opening them via VB.


          But it might just be worth changing the file extension to .zip to see if it is a standard compressed file. If it is, there are many vb .net methods available.


          If not and you can find out what type of compression or encryption is used, you may be able to find specific libraries for them.





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