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    Need Help Removing "-" character from names, but not from numbers in a combined string

    Aaron Mandujan

      Hello All


      I am having difficulty trying to separate "-" from names while leaving it in for negative numbers.


      The original file is a PDF which I can not get in any other format.


      Occasionally a name is followed by a number with no space between them. I can split them to separate the name from the number until I run into a name that has a hyphen or a negative number.


      Examples of data after I trap the Name and Reg Pay line as one trap to split later:


      Header 1Header 2Header 3
      Original stringNameNumber
      Jane Doe 425.36Jane Doe425.36
      Jane Smith-Doe 325.00Jane Smith-Doe- 325.00
      Jane DoeDoe -170.15Jane Doe-170.15
      Jane Smith-Doe852.15Jane Smith-Doe-852.15


      As you can see, the top and middle rows works out fine, but the second and last row give me false negative numbers.


      Original Data PDF Structure:


      EENum     Name    

      Loc           JobCode                                   Reg Pay               Overtime


      Department          1234               Accounting


      1234567     Jane Doe                                   425.36               12.25

      99999         RP1234

      1234568     Jane Smith-Doe                         325.00                0.00

      99999         RP1234

      1234569     Jane DoeDoe                              -170.15              10.52

      99999         RP1234

      1234570     Jane Smith-Doe852.15                                          5.25


      It is rows like that last one that are throwing me doing a normal capture.


      Any suggestions would be appreciated. Especially ones that let me trap the last row and split the Reg Pay out automatically.


      I am using version 13.4 of Monarch


      Thank you