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    V13.5 models for automating

    Data Anon


      I am using Version 13.5 and had developed the models in classic monarch and now need to automate them.

      • Do I need to be connected to the server for automation?
      • Are there any other concerns or known pitfalls?


      The PDFs that are be converted to .xls files are complex and the auto define feature (in data prep) does not work well on them. 

      • Do the models need to be redeveloped in data prep?
      • If so, do I need to start over or can the models be imported in from classic?

      I had been a monarch user in the past of early versions but I'm rather new to 13.5.


      • What are the best ways to learn and use 13.5 more effectively?

      I see that Monarch works with Qlikview does anyone know if it works with nCino (Salesforce) as well?


      Your feedback and suggests are appreciated, Thank you

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          Grant Perkins

          In general terms;


          There are different levels of automation but if you have the appropriate revision of Datawatch Automator or Server (name changes over product life time) you will need, afaik, Classic models and Projects to feed your functionality into automation.


          If you are talking about some other sort of automation we may need to discuss that some more here.


          Complex PDF files (or matters typically related to PDF and other files referred to as "complex" )  almost invariably seem to need Classic functionality up to now (14.2). I think that will be likely true for 13.5 as well unless you want to try to breakdown a PDF to chunks of data and then attempt to rebuild it into a table. But I'm guessing about how complex the challenge might be.


          What sort of functionality are you looking for when you say "works with"?


          For example to access Salesforce data directly for extraction you may have a connector available but you will also need the appropriate level of SalesForce licence in order to be allowed access. If you are seeking to connect to a 3rd party application based on Salesforce software there may be other matters to consider so I would suggest asking Datawatch directly assuming you have a current support contract. If doing that I would also suggest checking if there are options to and benefits from upgrading to be identified.


          This sort of connectivity has been a fast moving area on all sides and it is worth staying aware of what is current and newly available. (The same observation applies to my previous answers as well.)






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            Peter Small

            Did you get any more feedback on this? I am interested in doing this as well.