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    DataPrep Modeling



      I brought a pdf file into DataPrep and created a model from there but realized after I created the model that if an amount is negative the sign would be after the number (100-) but i didn't capture it this way. Is there a way to go back to the model to adjust or do I have to keep remaking the whole model?

      I had a couple issues and needed to remake the model about 3 times.


      I don't use Monarch Classic for pdf files as everytime I bring in the next day's file I have to adjust the file because it never lines up properly.

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          Steve Caiels

          Hi Patrick,


          There is an "Edit Report" option on the drop down at the right hand side of the table name in the Prep Data Windows.  This takes you back to the field extraction screen.





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            Stephen Smay

            Hi Patrick, depending on the nature of the traps you're using, Monarch Classic may be the way to go because you can use Floating Traps, or possibly even Regular Expression Traps. Those types can account for variance within the structure of the PDF, depending on how the traps are established, and depending on what the variance is.

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                I'd prefer to use classic. In this case DPS did work but it was just the fact that I didn't review the whole report to know the full structure but it was a structured report.

                So with PDF you suggest using floating traps to stop the shifting in data from causing issues? I'll have to review floating traps a little more to be able to define my traps.

                Thanks Stephen