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    How do I get all my lines to show up?

    April Grimes


      I have a report that lists a SLS Rep, an Item # and the Customers who are purchasing.

      My problem is the report is laid out so that the Customers purchasing are listed first, then the Item information underneath and the SLS Rep info is listed under all of the Customers purchasing for that SLS Rep.

      I have having an issue getting all of the customers to list for each item.

      I have tried changing each line to be Page Header, Detail, and Group footer but none of these combinations are getting all of my info to extract.

      Example of what I am working with:

      Customers   111111




      Item               1111

      SLS Rep         07



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          Grant Perkins



          You have not said what your eventual output format is for and what it needs to look like but, based on the posted data, I would suggest that Customer data looks like the DETAIL for that report format and the Item and SLS Rep fields would be footer(s) data.


          It's a bit unusual to see it like that but if your objective is one row (record) with customer, product and SLS rep it looks likely to work from what you have posted.