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    Monarch not recognizing page break/new info

    Kimberly Smith

      Hi, I'm new at working with Monarch. I'm working with v14. I've set up traps to extract data from my financial reports; however, Monarch Classic is not recognizing that some of the data applies to a new center.  In the example below, CTR:9172000 CDARS has an adjusted budget of $90,000 and when I look at the table, it would also have the data from the next page as CTR: 9172000 CDARS adjusted budget of $300,003.  It will not pick up the new CTR: 9176000 Global.  I have C CAB (located right under the page break as my Page Header).  Can anyone help me figure this out?





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          Chris Porthouse

          Trying to view the image, it looks correct.  Is it possible to share the view of the table or even the underlying PDF file and the model you are using?  My first guess is that you are trapping multiple lines in your header but then you wouldn't pick up your first append.  Have you tried removing the header and append templates to make sure you are picking up all of your detail lines correctly?

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            Grant Perkins



            As Chris has said the mapping looks right on screen so it's a puzzle to me why you report not getting the two records with different values for the CTR fields (presumably they are correctly defined as Append templates.)


            It's not really clear why you need a Page Header template nor how many lines the template includes. Page header templates have some specific purposes but there is no obvious reason that I can see for one in the information contained in the screen capture. I may have missed something.


            It would probably be useful to see captures of the template definition screens for the detail, append and page header templates if removing the PH template still gives a strange result.