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    Help for Summary filtering on 2 calculated summary fields?

    Tiffany Seeland

      I am hoping I have missed how to filter a summary based on its measurements.  I haven't found something that addresses my issues in the forum yet, but perhaps I missed it.


      I am currently exporting the entire summary to Excel and then trying to filter the data in Excel.  However, directly calculating on any exported data in Excel causes our Excel files to corrupt and the calculations are usually deleted from the spreadsheet anyway.  Rather than put back the formulas every day or copy paste the data to another file to work on, our work arounds, for now, are to do as much as possible in Monarch before exporting to Excel.  So...

      I would like to have the summary only show me records whose max(value)<>avg(value).  And I'd love to do it in 1 step.  Have I missed how to do that or can it not be done?


      Using Monarch Pro


      Thanks for your time and input!


      Would like this summary to only show line #2 from our StoreNo 316.