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    When Page Headers Attach in V14

    mclark _


      We recently upgraded from Monarch 10.5 to V14.  One of my old frequently used tricks was when my template fields were interrupted and spanned across two pages because of the page header, in 10.5 I would to define the page header without a trap/fields and it would ignore the page header and all would be well.  I tried this in V14 but it is not behaving the same way.  Can someone tell me if it works differently or know how I can get around this? Thanks for the help!!!

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          Olly Bond

          Hello M Clark,


          That should still work - a multi-line detail trap should break nicely over a page header if you have defined a page header trap. You don't need to define any fields in the Page Header, although it's often useful to grab a page number or report run date if there is one.


          A new feature in v14 is the Exclusion Trap - if you can define the page header block with a trap and mark it as an Exclusion template, then Monarch will ignore those lines completely.


          Which approach is best depends on your data - if you'd like us to take look, we should be able to diagnose it from a screenshot or small sample.


          Best wishes,