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    Need help trapping random lines

    Kelsie Perez

      I am new to using Monarch V13 and having some issues choosing a template and trapping random lines... I am working with a text file.


      Here is all I am having luck with. I've marked next to the data I want to trap. They need to be all within their own individual field per claim # and this data is random. If it helps me to send the file for you to play with, I'm more than happy to do so. I just can't get this down.

      Daily File.png

      Thank you!

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          Chris Porthouse

          From your sample data I would create two new templates.  The first one would be a footer template (since it occurs after your detail line) that starts to trap on the line beginning with Serial#.  I would use a blank followed by a non-blank trap to capture the space before the "S" in serial # and the letter "S".  You would then create a field that captures the whole line.  Once you define the field, in template editor, edit the new field and select the advanced properties, and then end field on a blank field value of 1.  This will capture the lines you don't want at first.  You then create a new exclusion template that is 3 three lines long that starts on the beginning of the line with ">>>>".  This is assuming that everytime you see ">>>>" you want to exclude three lines.  If you can share the file, I can help with some more thoughts, but I hope this points you in the right direction.