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    Help!! Trying to extract multiline report but not having success

    Aaron Mandujan

      The list below is the section of the report I am trying to extract.


      I can get the names and ID to extract fine, but the names without phone numbers are throwing everything off.



           1-800-CONFERENCE(R) 801229
      PO BOX 5075 N
      SAGINAW MI 48605-5075      USA
      20/20 COMMERCIAL CARE INC 801434
      4214 ROSEVILLE RD N
      NORTH HIGHLANDS CA 95660-0000      USA
      3D SYSTEMS INC 83301
      (800) 889-2964
      P O BOX 534963
      ATLANTA GA 30353-4963      USA
      3GEN LLC 63715
      31521 RANCHO VIEJO ROAD STE 104
      SAN JOAN CAPISTRANO CA 92675           USA
      3M 800342
      SDS6252 N
      PO BOX 269-F N
      ST LOUIS MO 63150-0269      USA
      4 IMPRINT 10
      101 COMMERCE ST
      PO BOX 320
      OSHKOSH WI 54901           USA
      6 WEST DESIGN 46526
      6 W PINE ST N
      LODI CA 94540-0000      USA
      A & L PRODUCTS INC 14
      (800) 955-8368
      1900 KINSER RD
      P O BOX 1018
      CERES CA 95307-1018      USA
      201 ROSCOE RD N
      MODESTO CA 95357-1828      USA



      As you can see there are addresses with 3 and 4 lines and some with and without phone numbers. The file is in cvs format.


      Any suggestions.

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          Grant Perkins

          A cvs file?


          Is that CSV? ( I assume it is but you never know with acronyms).


          I would have expected a single line per record in that case so this is a slightly strange presentation of the data.


          Name and address files are usually a mess and one of the problems here, in addition to missing phone numbers, is poorly formatted numbers.


          Two thoughts come to mind based in what you have shown in the post.


          Firstly if there is some way to find a method to convert the records to "normal" csv format the problem may be reduced. A CSV format file can be read as a database in Monarch and if it has the correct number of commas (or alternative separator character) things should fall into place. Check the Monarch Utility for some file preparation tools.


          If that does not work out another option might be ascertain whether EVERY address includes "USA" at the end.


          If it does there might be an option to invert the records, making what is current the last line the first line and so providing a consistent trap option no matter how many lines the address contains. In theory I would expect some clever use of the Address Block feature to then allow you to prepare the addresses for use adding a couple of functions to sort out the phone numbers and other possible anomalies. There is probably some way of doing a full external lookup and cleaning exercise if you have the need. That might depend on how accurate and consistent the file's information proves to be.





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              Aaron Mandujan

              Thank you Grant.


              Yes it is a csv file. It is not a normal csv. I think it was converted from a proprietary file format we use at work.


              As far as I can tell USA does end every address, but like you said the odd number formatting and spacing are causing me issues.


              Thanks for the suggestions


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                  Grant Perkins



                  Assuming you cannot trace the source of the file back to a point where it was still a genuine csv structure ...


                  On the basis of that description you might want to take a look at the file in a text editor that can show you all of the command characters.


                  I would guess that with a little effort you could find a way convert the file into a "normal" single row per record .csv file and at that point, if achievable, things would probably get easier. Just be sure not to lose any separators along the way, though even then things might not be too bad.


                  Plan B would be to grab every line in the file in its entirety to a field.


                  To the resulting table add a calculated field that gives a number (rowno function probably).


                  Invert sort the entire table. Output to a new file.


                  Now you can use the line with USA as a first line trap for each address. A multi-line field can be used to capture the rest of the variable number of lines in each record.


                  What you decide to do after that depends on you objectives for the data and how many records there are along with how many of them have "problems" like missing phone numbers.


                  Monarch has some rather good name and address handling features where the data is reasonably clean to start with. If it is poor data to start with then there are other features and facilities that could be explored to take it through a cleanup process.