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    Would this even be possible to trap?

    Vaughn Mitchell

      I am trying to trap the lab sites. Each new set starts with the number 1, however the header cuts the page off to soon, and this list will keep going throwing everything off. Is there a work around for this? will this be possible to trap?






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          Olly Bond

          Hello Vaughn,


          Define the Page Header template as a six line sample from the PAGE NN numbers. In the Detail template, edit the Lab Sites field in the Advanced tab of the field properties to end on "none of the above". You'll need to make that a memo field, call it SiteBlob, not a character field as otherwise it will exceed the 254 character field length maximum.


          Now you have one row of data in the table for each User entry, but I guess what you are looking for is to have one for each Lab Site for each User? You'll need to use the Multi-Column Region. In the Detail template, toggle MCR to be active, starting in column 150, column width 1, number of columns 100.


          In the Table window, define a character calculated field LabSite with the formula Textline(SiteBlob;Column()). Filter out the rows where LabSite=""; and you should have your data.


          Best wishes,



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            Chris Porthouse

            You should be able to set up a detail template and set the trap to capture each line, using a trap similar to capture a number, space, and character for the lab site and name.  Are you looking to copy previous user, user name, access, etc to be associated with following lab sites with no information?  If so, you can edit these fields and select the option to copy previous values.  I will try and upload a picture later to demonstrate what I am referring to.   Hope this gets you headed in the right direction.