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    Error message: "Insufficient available rows (0) to expand table."

    Peter Wijnhoven

      Hi all,


      I have come across an error message that I can not resolve by myself. A project export to an MS Excel (.xlsx) file worked properly until the end of 2016. Since then it won't export to the same file and gives the message ""Insufficient available rows (0) to expand table." The excel file counts less than 8000 rows. Size of the file is only 1,118 KB.

      If I change the name of the export file and therefore create a different file it exports properly. So, the workaround that I am currently using is export it to a different file and then copy to the file where I want the data but this is not a satisfactory solution.

      I am not sure if the date is the issue because the last time the export was successful was on 2nd January 2017.

      Ideas anyone?