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    Column name as the date




      Is there a way to get the column name as the current date(or actually yesterday's date)? I am building an automated process that adds a new column of data every day to an existing file and would be beneficial if it would be able to determine easily what date is the columns data.


      I have monarch complete v13. Automator is the only part that I know uses macros for dates but from what I know it doesn't have a way to name a column header.


      Simple example of the file but it currently does not have the dates built in to it.

      Location   12/1/16  12/2/16  .......

      1               $100        $750

      2               $500        $900

      and so on


      Much appreciated,


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          Olly Bond

          Hello Pat,


          Using the Date field as a key in the Summary, going across not down, should help you out.


          Aha - ouch - no. Just read your post again. Sorry, it won't work in one pass. You'll need a different approach, reading in the entire data set, and exporting a fresh summary each day.


          And what happens after eighteen months or so when you have more than 512 fields going across and go beyond the limits of local SQL?


          Best wishes,



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              Hi Olly,


              Thanks for the reply.

              I think that will work, the data I have has the date in every column already. I just set up the model and will have to eventually test through Automator and such but I put the date for a key field across and got rid of the across total and it looks good. I will get that summary then use DPS to append the data by adding the column.


              I knew eventually the amount of columns would become an issue but if I cut it off to a new table every year I think that would work, then just a manual copy and paste to a master file.


              Olly thanks a bunch for your knowledge and help,