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    Forgot a Column...what are my options for adding it back?

    Stacy Litke

      I have a multi-table multi-level report.  I gathered all the basics in the first level of joins and then grabbed the 8 columns I needed from there (create new table from columns) to create the level 2 starting point table.  Then used that table to create a couple more joins and levels.


      I just realized when I did the 'create new table' back between levels 1 and 2, I grabbed the wrong column.  D'OH!  Because it was a 'create new table' command there is nothing for me to 'undo'.


      Is there an easy way to replace one column for another?  Or add a column from a table further down the line?  I'd rather not create a new join with the original table and then delete out all the unwanted/duplicate columns, but that's the only thing I can think of.


      Any ideas?