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    .bat to export 3 projects to .mdb

    Joseph Curtis

      Just got Datawatch Monarch last week to replace an older program my company previously used. I am in the process of working it into an old process and it has been very successful, other than this old program use to automatically export to .mdb. I have made 3 separate projects, all of which the user has to go to Export, Select all exports, Run Exports, on every Project. I was wondering if I could make a .bat that would automatically do this. If so what would that look like? I am very new to both .bat and Datawatch


      I am using version 13.4 is that matters

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          Olly Bond

          Hello Joseph,


          Datawatch's marketing around automation can be a little hard to find, and even if you find it, a little confusing.


          If you have three project files, then the easiest syntax is:


          C:/Progams/Monarch/Monarch.exe "C:/Documents/Projects/Project1.dprj" /pxall

          C:/Progams/Monarch/Monarch.exe "C:/Documents/Projects/Project2.dprj" /pxall

          C:/Progams/Monarch/Monarch.exe "C:/Documents/Projects/Project3.dprj" /pxall


          I can't find the backslash on my keyboard, but assume you'll work out how to fix that.


          However, since v11.5, automation is not enabled by default but costs extra, and since v13. something a few months ago, is apparently replaced by a desktop installation of the Automator server product.


          Best wishes,