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    Automator - external lookup has password




      I have a Standard Process set up in Automator where the model has an external lookup to an excel file that is password protected. Automator is saying the file is missing or invalid, is there a way for Automator to sign into the excel file to get the information? I see in Project Editor that is says Login Credentials but only shows HTTP: and FTP: but I'm not sure if that will work.


      Also why does Automator need "write access" to a lookup file, since its only looking up to it shouldn't it only be read access? I've ran into the missing or invalid when 2 processes running at the same time are looking up to the same file, but if it looked up with only read access this wouldn't have been an issue. This actually was one Visual process but with multiple summaries from the model.


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          Armand Max Olivares

          Hi Patrick,


          May I ask if the external lookups password has been saved in the project file, mainly when you open the project file in Monarch does it find the external lookup right away or would you need to re-configure it?


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              So I figured out why it didn't work for the password protected file, when I opened in Monarch it gave an error but then took me to the external lookup section and everything was still there but it said one column was rejecting because the column header's name changed. Once I fixed that it worked. Thanks Armand


              But that brings me to my other question, by having a password on the excel file Automator can only be 'read only access' as it doesn't have the password, even in the model, so why would it give the "missing or invalid" exception when there are multiple summaries using that lookup?