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    is there a better way to share between a windows and AIX server?

    Bruce McHendry

      We use Report Mining server with CMOD. Both CMOD and Datawatch (v12.2) sit on Windows Server 2012 servers. Our users use Internet Explorer 11 connecting through a Content Navigator(ICN) server that sits on a UNIX / AIX server. Currently we facilitate data mining viewing through ICN and there is something called a "CIF" mount to provide a share between the Reports folder on the Windows server and the ICN's AIX server. It works fine but frankly it's a little sketchy in that of 10 people on the UNIX team only 2 know how to set up and manage this "CIF" mount. I'd like to find something more like a utility or patch or add-on that would let us have this Windows to AIX share without having to use a "CIF" mount. Anyone know of something or doing the same thing but differently ?


      Bruce McHendry

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          Anwar Ali

          Hi Bruce,


          Thanks for your inquiry. I am the Services Director for Datawatch so can answer this with some authority and experience.


          RMS is Windows Server Based.


          Your ICN is non Windows based.


          ICN uses a plugin that leverages the RMS API. It basically says;

          - take report(s) X,

          - select model(s) Y

          - and render an RMS session with X function(s) enabled


          The reports are extracted from the host content management system and placed in a location where the RMS session can access the same to facilitate the user experience.


          As you are using the above mix of OS's, we need a way to allow this common storage visible to both. This is done using the CIFS mount. Generally, this is done using an SMB share, but some customers do not allow this per their internal security policy. Where SMB is not allowed, CIFS seems to be the acceptable compromise.


          Even in a pure Windows environment with both RMS and ICN using MS Server versions, we still have this share but as the OS's are common, we just have a simple windows share (either UNC or local, depending on single or multi server).


          The next version of RMS will actually have an enhancement to forego the share, this is due in the next few months. The intention is to flatten / simplify the deployment requirements; in this case, removing the share between the Plugin and RMS.


          So for now, the only option is the use of a CIFS or SMB share. 





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            Bruce McHendry

            Thanks for the reply and explanation, much appreciated. I will look forward to that future release and welcome the opportunity to make our infrastructure a little less complex. Great idea ! Again, thanks for the reply.