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    Find source of report in project

    Gary Morris

      Hi folks,


      I have a .drpj file and I would like to see where the report has been picked up from. You can find the path of the model and the project simply by selecting files save as etc.. but I can't find the path source of the actual report.


      Any help would be most appreciated!





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          Chris Porthouse

          Open the project file in Monarch.

          Click on the "Home" tab.

          If you see the list of "Recent Projects", click on the right arrow (off to the right side of the recent files), and you should be presented with either the Model Information or Project Information screen.  If it is the Model Information, click on the word "Project" all of the way to the right of Model Information

          Once you have the project information screen up you can click on the report tab

          and it will list the report locations:


          Hope that helps.