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    "Content System" and SQL Server Express unsupported

    Helmet ;



      We are preparing for the installation of our Datawatch Server this coming week, but we had a question on the "Content System" and MS SQL Server Express 2014.  When looking through the Installation guide, the following note appear;


      "Install MS SQL Server Express 2014: Select this option to install SQL Server Express 2014 on the local machine. In this case, the name of the database server instance will be DWCHMonarchServer. Note that SQL Server Express 2014 is not supported for Content System."

      What is the "Content System" and is it a requirement for us to purchase a MS SQL Server license to have our server up and running? Any clarification on what Content System is and our SQL requirements will be would be greatly appreciated.

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          Armand Max Olivares



          May I ask what part of Datawatch Server you will be installing, as content is one of the 3 main components of Datawatch Server that can be implemented, the other 2 are Automator and RMS. Should you be installing one of the other 2 please do not mind the message and proceed with installing SQL Express 2014.


          Hope this helps.


          Kind Regards,



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              Helmet ;

              Hello Armand,


              I am sure we will be installing Automator, but up until this point, we had not heard of "Content System" and were just curious as to what it was, and if it is necessary to install for our small scale operation.

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                  Marianna Romero

                  Hi Helmet,


                  The Content edition of Datawatch Server (now known as Monarch Server) is a repository for securely storing, managing and controlling access to your assets - data prep models, documents, CSVs, etc.


                  This would be great if for instance you have a large number of sales reports and an accompanying model for those reports. You could set those up in the Content System and you'd be able to say, search for data based on index fields across all those reports - and from that result set, you could bring up the original report to see where that data came from. Very useful for governance.


                  Hope this gives you an idea.