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    Capture data with ID number and without ID number

    Mac Chadwick Ranier Tolentino

      Hi Guys,


      There is a new challenge that I've encounter today.


      How will you capture data that has ID # and without ID #.




      ID                                   Info1                         Address

      Name                              Pymt Type 1             Pymts


      0001                                Student                    City Name

      MC Hammer                    Installment               $ 1000.00


                                             Student                    City Name

                                             Full Payment            $ 14000.00


      When a use a trap for with ID #, all of the data with ID # are being capture, but when I use a trap the will capturing both with and without ID #, I get none.


      What is the best approach for this challenges?


      Thanks in advance.

        • Re: Capture data with ID number and without ID number
          Grant Perkins

          Hi Mac,


          For your example what would you be using for the trap?


          Are you using Data Prep or "Classic" style Monarch?


          You have, in the example, records with 2 lines.


          Your template needs to understand that and work with 2 lines (in that sample).


          If both records relate to the same ID and name (as I assume they do unless you have an unusual report) then you have 2 clear options available assuming you are working with a report.


          You can trap on anything that works EXCEPT the first column and then map all of the fields in a fully populated record (i.e. the first line record in your sample). That will give you some records without ID and name but you can use the "Fill from Previous record " feature to infill the correct information.


          Alternatively you can just use the second  and third columns as the "Detail" and make the first column an "Append" template to achieve the same result in the final extraction record.


          There are subtle differences in the effects of each approach and in some circumstances one may turn out to be preferable to the other but you would have to make that call on the basis of the results for the full file(s).


          Based on your sample it looks like it may well be possible to use both approaches in the same model so you can easily see the results side by side and check for differences. Then use the option with which you feel most comfortable.