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    New user needing help :)

    Nichole Rink

      Hey Everyone,


      I apologize for this question but am just finishing up the training and starting to build.  I have successfully connected to my sql server and now I need to create a report where I would need data from 2 tables.  I cannot seem to open data from more than one master table at a time.  So I found and opened 2 separate reports that including the data I need.  Now I try to join the data and I cannot seem to get the information going across the rows on the same row.  I have 3 rows from the first data file and then 2 rows way at the bottom with data from the second report I opened.  My question is, is there another way I can open data from multiple tables to just show in one report?  or do I obviously need more training in joining data?  I am doing this in DataPrep



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          Grant Perkins



          It sounds like you need some fields that match each other and are common to both reports (or, to be more generic, data sources).


          If you have those then it's a question of which join type you need to use to get the result you want. Different joins allow you achieve different results.


          I'm not sure about your need to connect to 2 table extracts. In principle I think it should be possible unless there is some constraint in security policy perhaps?


          You would have 2 queries available, just like 2 reports can be available, and you would join them in much the same way.


          It's difficult to be more specific without seeing the problem but I appreciate that you are are probably not able to make screen copies available to help with visualizing the problem.




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              Andrew Anderson

              I think I'm having a similar problem (if I'm interpreting what Nichole is saying correctly). I have two tables to join, and all I need is to display one on-top-of the other, not necessarily combine common data (I already have each table displayed the way I need it to be displayed). I'm using Version 14.1 (Monarch and Data Prep Studio), and one table has 3 columns and the other has 4 (as an experiment, I added a 4th blank column to the first table to maybe get the two to align), but so far, no matter which Join Type I use, the data ends up jumbled-up. The tables are from 2 different sections of a credit report; one that has 3 columns, and one that has 4. The two data sets are not directly related to one another (i.e. one section shows their various scores and their respective versions, and the other section shows specific account data, which in a table, is not directly related to their FICO Scores). Is there a way to simply display one table on top of the other?

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                  Rebecca Cronin

                  Hi Andrew,


                  I think what you are looking to accomplish is the Append Task.  Please see this "How To Video": Monarch Personal - Append Selected Tables



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                    Grant Perkins



                    Are you simple extracting the tables just as they are and simply wish to have a output representation of them one above the other on a "page"?


                    Are you managing to do this with a single model (or Workspace if using DPS) are do the different tables require different models and exports followed by a re-grouping activity for presentation?


                    If you have separate "extractions" and are keeping things in DPS then a table for each and the Append that Rebecca has suggested seems like a reasonable way to approach it although that "append" does imply joining the data in some way (it's usual purpose) and you may not need to go that far for your purposes? Just combine the display of the 2 tables?


                    If that is what you need  you may find it worth looking at sending both exports to the same file, appending the second one to the first.


                    There is, of course,  a strong possibility I have not fully understood your ultimate requirement from this challenge.







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                        Andrew Anderson

                        Hey Grant,


                        Thanks for the quick reply! For the most-part I have actually solved it. I tried two strategies: The append method Rebecca suggested worked great, but when it came to the implementation of the table (being put into our database in File Maker Pro), File Maker wasn't able to place the date in the proper fields.


                        I used 2 models that I merged with a Full Outer Join to place the the two tables together. From there, I merged the corresponding columns (I ended up keeping the 4th blank column I mentioned in my previous message to make everything line-up) to the way they appear on the credit report, and voila! File Maker was happy once-more!


                        Anyway, thank you both for your replies, they helped out immensely, and I learned a lot. Thanks!