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    Fresher - Please assist

    Naresh KuMAR mARAM

      Hi Nick,

      Really appreciate your time in assisting forum.

      I am quite sure you might have gone through something similar to my question. Please please please help me too


      I am a moderate user of Excel and VB, but this time I have a requirement to RUN a VB macro to open Monarch 10 from below path and call a specific Model and then Report and export and save the final report to target path.


      Monarch 10 Path:       C:\Program Files (x86)\Monarch\PROGRAM\project.xsl

      Share Drive Path1:     Model

      Share Drive Path2:     Report

      Share Drive Path3:     Target Path


      Please help me with VB Code, I guess I can amend code to my requirement.

      Your time in replying is much appreciated.