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    Monarch Pro 10.5

    kristy turner

      I just purchased a copy of Monarch 10.5 Pro of the internet because I really dislike our network version of modeler.  When I try to connect to my odbc connection to access my files, I get the following error: you cannot use odbc to import data from a local or network database file. Any ideas on what I am doing wrong?

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          Grant Perkins

          Hi Kristy,


          That sounds like an advisory message rather than a system error.


          Version 10 came as Monarch and Monarch Pro. Only Pro supported "database" files.


          You may need to check the installation instructions as a first activity.


          I'm not sure where things stand on right to use licences for second user purchases. Did a licence key come with the software?




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              kristy turner

              It was an unopened box and it did come with a license key


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                  Grant Perkins

                  Unopened box?


                  10.5 was a very popular release point.


                  It's been a while but from memory one selected whether to install as Monarch or Monarch Pro.


                  If you are sure you installed Pro then it would need some more thought.


                  If you might have installed as just Monarch you could try a re-install to see what options are available in the process.


                  Or uninstall and re-install.


                  If those ideas don't work we may need to think some more.


                  What is your networked Monarch version?


                  Are you attempting to make use of the same ODBC connectors for both versions?




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                      kristy turner

                      I think it might be a permissions issue.  I was able to connect when I logged in as the administrator to one of the databases I am trying to connect to.  When I tried to connect to a different odbc as a non-administrator, I got the error message.



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