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    RMS size limit question

    pbishop@cds-global.com _

      We have some pretty big reports that our RMS server is running Monarchs against.  Today I had a report with over 14,000 pages.  It crashes RMS and displays the following message....



      The system cannot complete your request. Maybe you have not enough permissions or page not exists.

        To enter the site please click here

      Report has exceeded limit size of 81920000 bytes.


      What is "To enter the site please click here" supposed to do?  When I click it, it acts like the page is doing something but then stays on this same page with no new result.  It's almost like it's trying to re-run it again.  I know we can up that size but our server people are worried about how long it could take to download such a big file.  If this message would give an option like click here and we will run again and update the file size on the fly for this one report so that it will run.  I'm guessing that isn't an option now?





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          Olly Bond

          Hello Phil,


          In Enterprise Server, which is similar to RMS but may differ on this, you can submit large jobs like this for offline processing, so the web page comes back quickly without an error and the system emails you when the job is done, with presumably a link to the data you need. I've never had to use the feature in anger, and I suspect Datawatch Services might be needed to help you out on this one.


          Best wishes,



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            Chris Porthouse

            What version of RMS are you currently running.  In the past, you could change the default size by modifying this file:

            C:\ProgramData\Datawatch\Datawatch Report Mining Server\configuration.xml

            Look for this key:

              <ConfigurationItems Name="ReportSizeLimit" Value="10485760" Type="2" />.

            By default it is set to 10 MB (10*1024*1024).


            Change this value to match the maximum size of your report.  Make a backup copy first and then restart your Datawatch services.


            Newer versions can be found by logging into DSAdmin as an adminstrator and going to your System Settings->System Preferences->Global User Settings and changing the Maximum allowed report size (Kb) to allow for your report. 


            Hope this helps