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    Side Panels on Design Template Editor

    Mriley7212 _

      The first thing I do as the Editor opens is to close the right left and bottom panels. I never use them and they take time and get in the way. How do I make them go away permanently ?





      See the ones titled Templates, Field properties and Data preview. I want to get rid of them.

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          Marianna Romero


          Unfortunately, there's no setting right now to permanently hide those panels.




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            Grant Perkins

            Hi Mike,


            I would guess that being able to set the Auto Hide feature as a default state might satisfy your need?


            However from my own approach to using Monarch I can't think of a regular scenario whereby complete removal of access to those panels  would be desirable. I find I am referring to them and using them quite regularly when developing a model.


            So I am interested to understand your use case.


            There may be a strong argument for allowing users to define their own Workspaces based on the GUI tailoring functionality that might be available in the development tools. That said I have some reservations about such a concept in a corporate environment. Indeed such things tend to be "nice to have" but are perhaps not used by the majority of users and thus represent a development, maintenance and potentially a performance overhead for the software that rarely offers much payback benefit.


            It is something that people may find more attractive in products designed mainly for individual, private use.


            However I think it would be useful to get some User opinions about this to feed back to the product designers.