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    Version 13.0 question

    Bradl Vogl

      I installed 64 bit Monarch 13.0 on a workstation.

      I have 32 bit 12.0 on other stations.

      The Models and Projects reside on a server.


      I opened a project on the new installation.

      Upon exiting, it asked to save project and model although there were no edits made.

      They were both saved.


      Now, the other workstations with 32 bit version 12.0 opens the project, however there is no database or information included.

      It's empty.

      When I open the same project with the new installation it works fine.


      What am I missing?


      Your help is always appreciated.




      Brad Vogl

        • Re: Version 13.0 question
          Marianna Romero

          Hi Brad,


          Apart from information stored in the project and model, there are also settings for the Monarch installation itself.

          So, it is possible that the default settings on the Monarch 12 and 13 workstations are different.

          For instance, you could try and check the Security options (Home > Options > Security) on both machines.